It All Started With Crayons


I’ve never envisioned myself as a graphic designer in my 60’s, however, the creativeness and passion for art began with an original set of Crayola crayons during my early childhood years! 

Bright and bold colors captivated me, and although my squiggles and doodles may not have impressed others, they were magnificent in my eyes.

Additionally, I also have an enormous passion for creative writing.

The purpose of bringing up my writing passion is to enlighten you about my thirteen years as a blogger on  Each and every time I would launch a new or separate blog, it was both a delight and challenge to create an artistic design for headers, backgrounds and all of the images within the blog posts.

What I ended up with though, is 150+ images hoarded in my laptop!

Then, one day, in late fall of 2017, a fellow blogger mentioned that she was on a site for ‘designers’ called “”?  I had never heard of this site, nor what it was, yet as soon as I heard the word ‘designer’ I had to investigate!

( (founded Australia in 2006) is a marketplace producing print-on-demand (POD) products created via submitted designs or artwork.  Their merchandise range is enormous and includes T-shirts, hoodies, home decor, throw pillows, apparel, scarves, tote bags, iPad covers and laptop skins, wall prints and so much more.)


Garden of Flowers‘ on (label “emma60”)

I was astonished!  This print-on-demand site is a marketplace where I could submit my countless designs!  Will people actually be wearing apparel or drinking out of a mug with my design on their merchandise?

Wow, how exhilarating is that!  I also perused other POD sites (Society6, Café Press, Fine Art America, Zazzle) and investigated each company before I signed up. was the first ‘print-on-demand’ or ‘product marketplace’ to approach me thus opening the door to upload my initial designs, therefore, I’ve been with them the longest.

I launched my first art designs in mid-November 2017, and Redbubble has also proven to be the most successful in sales for me thus far!  To be honest, to date my sales dollars from November 2017- April 2018 are arriving at a snail’s pace (under $60.00). It’s a highly competitive world out there, so I have to be patient (not one of my strong points!).

In future posts, I will continue on with my design journey.

Written and copyrighted by Deb McCarthy for BerkLane Designs

Redbubble (under label “emma60”)

Fine Art America


Cafe Press

Author: berklanedesigns

Self-taught creator with a diverse collection of vibrant, multi-colored art designs, patterns, and inspirational quotes. My other passion is writing, blogging, author of children’s books, quiz creator, and poet. Website: Twitter @BerkLaneDesigns

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