About Me

PROFILE12-11-17RESIZEDBerkLane Designs is the collective work of Deb McCarthy, a self-taught artist, and graphic designer.  She creates art with vibrant, multi-colored, pastels, geometric shapes, digital art and abstract patterns.  Inspirational and motivational quotes that have been written and created by her also appear in some designs.

A wide range of her designs is now featured on products such as apparel, art prints, home decor, iPad cases and skins, tote bags and much more.



How long have you been interested in graphic design?

My love for art, bright colors, and design began when I first discovered crayons!  I was forever drawing, painting or doodling, and dreamed of someday people enjoying my artwork.

Do you have an art or design degree?

No, I am primarily self-taught with various part-time college art and design courses over the years.

Where do you find your inspiration or ideas for your designs?

Great question, everywhere!  No, that’s too general.  You would be amazed where I discover many of my ideas, inspirations, and thoughts for future products!  There have been times while having lunch at the mall, or riding public transit, and I’ll spot a woman’s purse, tote bag or piece of colorful clothing and begin creating a design in my head.  (I’m almost certain people mistake me for staring at them).

Also, inspiration comes from viewing magazines, visiting furniture stores, flower shops, clothing stores or reading books from the library.

Which type of designs do you like working on the most?

You may have noticed; I appear to favor floral patterns, but that’s not the case.  I adore all types and particularly a diversity of designs, but I have produced more florals so far.  Future designs will include more inspiring quotes, watercolor paint designs, and geometric patterns.  I’m not one to follow a plan or schedule, that’s just not me!

How did you begin with ‘Print-on-Demand’ (POD) merchandising with your designs?

I am a designer, yet lacked funds to launch my own retail business.  Until I began designing for Redbubble.com, I was never aware that this type of marketplace existed for designers or artists.  Envision my delight when given the opportunity to have my 150+ designs (in images) buried in my laptop and would now be uploaded and visible in Redbubble’s myriad of products.  This led to signing up with Fine Art America, Society6, and Cafe Press!

Other Passions

Writing (articles, inspirational and motivational quotes, blogging), and reading books.

Where do you live?

Eastern, Canada.  I’ve lived here all of my life and love this country. (We have hot humid summers and icy cold winters). I’m not much of a world traveler though!



My sweet dog of 10 years.  Sadly, she was a rescue dog from a horrible puppy mill operation and it took months for her to trust me.  Emma sticks to me like glue now.

Pet Peeves

– I become bored easily when people brag about their social status or wealth.  I’m truly not interested nor impressed! (INFP)

– Misbehaved children in public places



– I am a Mental Health advocate (anti-stigma) and launched my blog “Living in Stigma” in 2007. It connects people living with mental illness, chronic pain and invisible illnesses

– Writing children’s books and designing/publishing inspirational quotes

Some Favorite Quotes:

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light” — Helen Keller

Be somebody nobody thought you could be” — unknown
Written and copyrighted by Deb McCarthy Mar/2018