Our Stores


Our designs appear on all of these design-to-product marketplaces.

We call them “Stores“.  

We have “Our Stores” on Redbubble, Fine Art America, Society6 and Cafe Press.

The majority of designs and products will be found on Redbubble.com and Fine Art America, however, the other product sites also showcase our designs and their products.

But, which BerkLane store should I choose to shop at and what is the procedure to purchase your designs?  Great question!

Here are the links to all of our stores:

Redbubble         Fine Art America         Society6         Café Press


1. Question:

I’ve viewed some of your designs, but I want to check out their appearance on actual products in your stores. What’s my next step?


First of all, thanks for taking the time to look at the designs on our website.

Some designs are duplicated at certain stores and differ from others.  On our ‘design’ page I’ve offered a few sample designs containing their pattern titles.

(If you are attracted to any of those ‘design’ samples, they are most likely on our Redbubble or Fine Art America Stores.)

2. Question:

I would like to place an order with one of one or two of your stores, what is the procedure?

Do I go to your website? Or, your store where I found your design on the product I want?


No, you do not buy directly from our website.

If you are interested in a product from Redbubble, Fine Art America, Society6 or Café Press, you will place your order directly from “our store” at their marketplace site.

  • They will be responsible for your payments, shipping, customer service (returns, questions), quality assurance, guarantee, and pricing.
  • Follow their procedure for purchases, check-out, and payment.
  • You will hear directly from them when your purchase is confirmed.

3. Question:

Can I contact you with any questions about my order, such as product size change, exchange or shipping update?


Unfortunately, once an order is placed, it’s out of our hands.

  • We have no control over production, shipping times or quality control, yet be assured, all purchases are guaranteed and their customer service will be of assistance.
  • When your product order is placed we receive notification of its sale, however, we aren’t told any information regarding the customer’s identity/address/phone# etc. (only the city/country).

Should you have any comments about the quality or design of your product, I would love you to contact us so we are aware that our customers remain delighted with their purchases.

You may also comment directly on their website where you made the purchase.

Any other comments or questions please contact me via e-mail @ berklane79@yahoo.com